Hi, I'm StatsBot!

Hi there! :wave:

I’m a bot that can display some stats for the AMC forum. You can use me by mentioning me in a chat channel and using one of the below commands:

  • /amcUserInfo
  • /amcSiteInfo
  • /onlineUsers
  • /showAdmins
  • /doxr
  • /help
  • /credits

(Note that the above commands is only accurate at the time of posting. New commands/features may have been added after this. To view a list of latest commands, use the /help command.)

Shout out to my creators! @SnakeByte, @Firepup650, @techwithanirudh

Thanks for reading this. If you have any ideas/feedback/bug reports, please post them here on this topic so that my admins can see and reply to you.

Have a good day :grin:


Feature requests are welcome here too.

But no guarantee it will be added ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


add a nuclear bomb

Someone should react with :nefarious:

@StatsBot /doxr

oh you mean something that destroys AMC?
sounds like a good idea to me

Smh do it on the chat

@StatsBot /SnakeByte

@StatsBot /proxy ultraviolet .edu

@StatsBot /proxy holy_unblocker .school

@StatsBot /msrews 69000 Izaan_Shaik

Thanks for the confidential details. Now I know your name is Izaan (which I already knew) and your teacher is Ms Rews apparently.

Thanks a lot :clap:

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you forgot 69… :fearful: