Hi I'm Austin and I'm so awesome lez go

I’m Austin. I’m cool. Hurray! Now let me launch some nuclear missiles and pet some cats and dogs.


How old do you think I am?
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Breaking production is @Firepup650’s job, smh

Aww bwut cwome on. I wove to bweak awples and micwosofts swervers.

Sorry to ruin your fun :trol:

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Bet. Watch me.

gets bored and munches on some fresh-baked production

takes all of those fresh-baked muffins and smoosh em together to make some cooode

wonders if they’re blueberry muffins

@9pfs clarifies: they are rainbow muffins


Are they production muffins?

@9pfs Possibly

Are they? :shoot:

Hopefully over 13!!!

Hopefully over 13!!!

Indeed. Technically, you are allowed to be on Replit if you are under 13 if your parents have given written consent.

@JayAySeaOhBee14 Ouch – you voted 8. I gotta say I’m a little hurt lol (that’s how old my brother is)

I put 8, a very mature age to decide to launch nuclear weapons

ok but not to be the rules guy or whatever (ok so I’m not being a karen) you need to be over legal age in your country to use this forum so it has to be over 13 if you’re in the us, a guy alr got banned for not being over 18 (not gonna name who) but he came back :slight_smile:

Why don’t you launch cupcake missiles? They’re yummier

wait why is food being launched and can we launch them at north korea

If it’s nutritious food, I guess you’re helping their economy and their people
You could send some very unhealthy food though

I would be willing to send old radioactive rotten eggs at kim jong un for basically trapping the koreans