Hey guys, I'm here!

Hello everyone! I am @NateDhaliwal , and you might know me from the Replit Ask forum! I joined today, so I’m pretty new here. If I make some mistakes, please be patient with me, thanks!
P.S. Is it easy to get TL4? I can see many people with that.


Sorry about the delay, my bad :slight_smile:

Depends on how many people know and trust you. If people trust you, it’s easy. If people don’t like you or you’re new to us, it can be a bit harder.


lol I hope I will win the poll

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Welcome to the community!

that should probably be a TL4 only poll

What trust level should @NateDhaliwal get?

  • TL1
  • TL2
  • TL3
  • TL4
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What’s the purpose of this poll? :thinking:

@NateDhaliwal for you to automatically get promoted to a certain trust level. (I would vote at least TL3 for you but Im not TL4 only TL3.)

Welcome to our community!

This is a chill community. Nobody’s getting in trouble unless they do something really really bad or are a test account (like @mentions, our favorite punching bag).

As for trust level, we have no official policy other than the Discourse defaults, but if we know and trust you, we’ll expedite them. The staff can internally discuss potentially promoting you.


That makes it sound awkward :upside_down_face:


In this case, how do you decide? They’re all 25% XD

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@NateDhaliwal I’m not the deciding factor Im just the messenger.

(Not trying to get promoted here or anything)
Is anything going to happen or is this anti-climatic?
P.s. thanks @9pfs for voting tl4 and @Qwerty for voting tl3.

Can you lose your tl3 here like Ask?
Do you get auto-promoted by the system here?


Only if you get automatically promoted and a staff member doesn’t lock you at TL3 (most people either (a) are promoted manually or (b) would be manually locked at TL3)

Yes, but we usually promote users we trust before @system gets a chance to :upside_down_face:

Not sure, we probably will decide eventually