Help Implementing a Preloader Into A Website (100 cycles) is the preloader

LC Photo Gallery - Replit is where I need to put it in.

PM me if you want to help!


Looks great!


Uh can I still help?

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Well, anytime you click on a link, display the preloader before redirecting

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Yes Im paying someone 100 cycles to do that

who? (I’m blind now lol I have selective vision I see JASOB14)

Whoever does it first lol

Uh didn’t qwerty already do it?

She says she did, but it doesnt work on my end (not saying shes lying, im just saying it doesnt work)

Uh, so what’s the link?

It looks really good :+1:

Help me, I’m a noob. Can someone tell me how you actually load the assets and stuff in the background?

Shes doing it now


I meant to send this 27 hrs before (but bc of my ban)

function goto(url){
<a onclick="goto(''">here</a>

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