Hello, please extol me

I am the legendary CSS background-color property. Without me, your forum will look like this:

Don’t you see your forum and pretty much every other website depends so much on me? So come on, start praising and glorifying me right now! I do not want to see any disrespect coming towards me, otherwise you will be banned from using me in anything you build.


@drrman25 Hello!

@drrman25 actually started a movement where people praise me, and he created me, so yeah, please start doing that now.

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You see

There’s ways to have a background color without you :wink:

What!? Why!? How!? How can you have a background color without me?

Lemme rig one up as a demo real quick, brb.


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@background-color, I depend so much on you every day. I praise you.


What is this supposed to be?

Can’t you just set the background property instead of background-color

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HTML bgcolor attribute afaik (using that is a bad idea, please don’t)

@drrman25 Currently available, let me know if you miss it before it goes out again.

Le power of the bgcolor HTML4 property :laughing: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: