Hallo, I was told to post here


My name is Lucas. I’m unsure of What to put here, but I can at least try.

  • I like Corgis
  • I just made a website https://casuallycorgi.us
  • I am in High School
  • I live in the county of cobbed corn, lol

Welcome to AMC!

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Aren’t you from @aboutdavid?

Ya! I met them at SETC

Tack! Im unsure of this however


welcome to amc, first you visit the site, then we visit your dreams >:)

just kidding, hello lol

I joined the Discord server, however I do not see any person talking

That’s unofficial + not used much (https://irc.amcforum.wiki exists btw)

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I :heart: thelounge

I am sorry, should I leave it then?

It’s okay to be there, was just letting you know that it’s unofficial. We use General more.


how do i get into the lounge? I only have irc.amcforum.wiki and your solanum.9pfs.repl.co which im skeptical about.

Run your own https://thelounge.chat instance

Hello Welcome to AMC!!!

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Tack you! It is very pleasant to meet you.

I have been tacked lol

Unthack you villan!

Welcome to Ask AMC!