GiggaPoggers "Statement"

I was Scrolling through Swordbattle forum unnoticed and logged out just checking out posts are crap then I found THIS

What Cuaght my Eye was the…




@GiggaPoggers you have a bad reputation, My Opinion

Probably on AMC not as bad but on Replit and Ask

(for ask I’ve don’t have that much proof but forgot about that)

@GiggaPoggers I don’t trust you that much but I feel like ill be getting hate but I can handle it

joined before you and also we’re both tl3
still tho :spoijbop:

you joined May 3 and you dont have TL4 but u have Mod? @9pfs isn’t doing his job :skull:

I trust Gigga, but who are you? :confused:

WHY PING ME? Also, @GiggaPoggers is a TL4 moderator+admin :slight_smile:

ive been here since may :skull:

the real Question is Who Are YOU?

I am python660, py660, py, python, etc. I am the one that lurks in the shadows.

May 3rd was the forums first day “public”
Jasob shared it in the AMC pm’s

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Was taking abt iogames

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Is this a joke? GiggaPoggers has been involved in AMC since before even I was. And AMC long predates this forum.


Most users don’t know about that, but yes.


wait so your arguement is that someone saying that they are something proves that they are hiding the opposite? Like if I say I am alive does necessarily that mean I’m secretly hiding that I’m dead?

that was a weird example :skull:

you had to say…

“if I say I’m dead does it necessarily mean I’m secretly alive?”

I mean but it’s still a bad way of analyzing things. Further, amc came from a social experiment gigga poggers initiated

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amc was the baby, giggapoggers was the mother and the father went to go get the milk

No AMC was the futuristic robot and @GiggaPoggers was the mad scientist.

did you mean “no, amc was…”?

I used to put commas then Word 365 became furious with me for excessive comma usage.

Did you mean “Microsoft 365”?