Getting ChatGPT to Talk Like Kamala Harris
How close is this?

Real KH:

“…and so for years we have worked to expand investment in Community Banks. Because you see, Community Banks specialize in providing loans and financial assistance to small business owners. In particular, those in overlooked and underserved communities including rural communities. And as the name suggests, Community Banks are in the community. They understand the needs of the people
they serve. They understand the capacity and the opportunity, such as the capacity and the opportunity
of this community that big Banks often Overlook or just don’t get.”


"And we are investing millions more in community banks. Now, community banks — community banks — it almost speaks for itself: community banks. It’s about the community. Community banks predominantly operate in overlooked and underserved communities. "


"Community banks, folks, they’re all about our communities. They serve the needs of our communities. These banks, they’re local, not big like those other banks. They’re all about the people and businesses right here in our community.

Community banks, they help our community grow. They offer savings and checking for the folks in our community. They give loans to people buying homes in our community, and they help small businesses in our community too. That’s right, they’re all about our community.

You see, community banks, they know the people in our community. They get what’s going on in our community. They’re like our community’s financial friends. So, supporting community banks, it’s like supporting our community itself. It’s all about our community!"

I think the AI got a little to fixated on “community banks”

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community banks (credit unions) are good and less scummy than regular banks (i.e. jp morgan chase). my grandma bought hunting land and the credit union gave her a good interest rate compared to the other bank. plus they have nicer customer service that can actually do stuff instead of bounce you around call centres in india

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