End-to-End Encryption Now Available In Chat

If you haven’t already today, you’ll need to refresh your browser.

To enable it encryption, you’ll need to follow these steps.


/help: Shows the help dialog
/set: Sets the users to deliver the message to. I.e. /set aboutdavid,coderelijah will make your message only visible to @aboutdavid and @CoderElijah. They must have RSA keys configured for it to work. You also don’t need to include yourself in the set command.
/privkey [key]: You need to set your private key, otherwise, messages won’t decrypt for you at all

When using slash commands, you MUST click the padlock to activate it. Do not hit enter. Do not hit the paper airplane, otherwise they will not trigger!

After you have ran /set and /privkey, just type your message in the box and hit the lock button to send it encrypted.


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Update: You can now opt-out by sending a message to me, or if you’re an admin, click here and add your name to the blockedUsernames array.

I’ve also disabled E2EE support on mobile since it has a very bad bug preventing you from sending mobile messages unless you click on another page and then go back.


  • Fixed where you would have to reload to get the lock back after changing chat channels
  • Fixed markdown support

New Features:

Loading the chat or running /set will display this message for 5 seconds, then it will vanish.

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  • If a message wasn’t intended for you, it will just no longer show up in chat. No more weird JSON, no weird messages, it will just vanish.

david can I have an rsa key pls

You have to generate one, lmao.

You can generate one yourself.


Post the public key part.