doxr's campaign

hello everyone :wave:

I am doxr and I NEED your vote. you might be asking :thinking: what a silly non staff :lmao: could do as the president: you should stand corrected :saluting_face:. I will:

  1. Encourage proper grammar! (see?)
  2. Make sure nobody is too toxic :slight_smile:
  3. Try to kill the politics & debate channel, find information below
  4. Make sure to not hate on Python but won’t actively support it (win/win?)
  5. More!!! :tada:

these are all things you can do as president

here’s why I should be president instead of others (sorry others):

  1. really active in AMC, I come here nearly every day, multiple times :skull:
  2. I’m pretty sure I’m eligible to get TL3 naturally (can staff check please?)
  3. I think I am good with the staff :hugs:
  4. know a lot of people in AMC
  5. gigachad’s father (I’m just kidding)

hope you vote for me so AMC is a better place :house:

if you don’t vote for me (oof :sad:) then I will come to your house, yes I know your address, see YouTube video :slight_smile:

if you’re wondering why the politics and debate channel should be killed, that’s because I personally believe that it has no place on AMC. it encourages arguing, and everybody has their own opinion, respect it. if you really want to start a debate, do it on Reddit.

if you support me please tell me, so I have more confidence, I am thinking that I might lose early but it’s ok :face_holding_back_tears:


I’ll support your campaign, doxr.

Also, voted.

thanks omega :heart:

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The long screenshot broke ;-;

yay tl3 natural!

You’re nearly to 100% active days!

I shall vote

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thanks!!! we shall win this presidential election

auto yes your my best friend (also staff can no longer participate)

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thanks :face_holding_back_tears: I might actually win

Voted, you’re winning as of now.

do not check this post’s raw

:noooooooooooooooooooo: whyyyyy

thanks for the support! we shall win this presidential election once and for all!!!
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :camera_flash:
:framed_picture: :heavy_equals_sign: :snake: :amongus:

And what kid



(Only @doxr, @Firepup650, and I understand the above code snippet)

:fire: :snake: :heavy_equals_sign:

edit: idk why I did that lol

hate is a stwong wowd :frowning:

@doxr, @Firepup650, and I*

but… it doesn’t matter though (unless I win this presidential election, then I must encourage proper grammar so uh) thank you for the grammar lesson and keep on doing grammar stuff

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me, @doxr and @Firepup650