Doxr is Insane

Ooh @doxr is disrespectful and insane.
We have proof.


nuh uh inspect element 100%!!! no cap 2021 no human verification 2023 roblox free virus krnl download no ads unblocked roblox on Chromebook paid executer free no cap 100% free porxy ultraviolet replit no kick from repl!! glitch free proxy github codespaces porxy unblocked vm ltbef downgrade Chromebook from school the hub unblocked mirror links free edpuzzle no homework cheat fortnite free skins free xp glitch creative build map the pirate bay free games for xbox 1 small unblocked VPN fast free onc file no setup python Microsoft rewards automaton auto run windows cracked 11 pro on Chromebook kasm server free (ty twa!) applocker bypass for free minceraft unblocked eagercraft buttpixel server titanium discord /unblock /proxy command how to follow doxr on replit free spotify premium no viruses confirmed 2024.5!!!

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I do not want a free virus kernel. I use a free kernel which is virus free known as Linux. I do not want a kernel which is a virus, for free or otherwise.

Ah so it is a pirated cracked version of Win11 Pro and you ran it on a Chromebook?

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I was talking about a famous but notorious for having fake clones app executed for roblox “hakckign!!!” named krnl, there are like hundreds of fake krnl downloads, so you kind of have to rely on somebody else to know, I think when I downloaded it I downloaded the most popularly used krnl site but there is no official confirmation on which one is the legit one because somehow people will make a fake claiming it’s real

now roblox device id bans so I don’t want to use stuff like that but if I were to I’d just find an online tutorial on how to make my own, MUCH less ads (none actually) and you can make it cool and stuff but most importantly you made it so it probably doesn’t have a virus

Boba Fett was a notorious clone of the notorious bounty hunter Jango Fett. Other notorious clones include Commander Cody, who attempted to kill Obi-Wan, and these guys that tried to kill Yoda:

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do they play roblox (if so I will add them)

Well, those two with Yoda certainly don’t (they’re clearly dead). Jango Fett was also decapitated by a Jedi (Mace Windu). Boba Fett was knocked into the scarlaac pit by Han Solo so he is being digested for the next thousand years. I don’t know Commander Cody’s fate but the clones were replaced by stormtroopers and he’d be middle-aged. Maybe he’s enjoying a nice retirement playing Roblox.

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And all of the aforementioned clones are clones of Jango Fett (although the clone troopers had their genetics modified).

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start wars gud ngl

AMC has a radio??

Yep AMC Radio - AzuraCast

you could’ve used the cool iframe :sad:

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Is there any hack that any of you guys know how to break a PC?

Yes I know plenty of ways to ruin a computer. Please be more specific. Please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have permission to destroy the computer?
  2. Do you want to physically or digitally destroy it?

Yes, its my own, and digital

don’t run this

sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root

What does this do?

it hacks into the fbi (it just deletes / which basically bas everything)

It permanently deletes beyond repair your entire filesystem without confirmation on any Linux system.