Desktop Mark is free now


it is $0 (worked on it for like 3 months)


Wow cool! which programming language/library you used to make it?

Electron & JS, CSS, HTML, and some Node.js

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What do you mean?

Css broke,

How did it break exactly?

It happens when I reload the page but if i go to a diff topic then come back its fine

I’m not sure what’s even the bug in your screenshot to be honest.

The width, remember we had this bug on too

Ah. I remember. If it’s not the ADs, then what causes it?

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umm… thread and sscroll bar are separated

That’s not the issue, that’s just full-width really.

@coding397 / @coding398: Mark keeps crashing for me. It launches, starts 4 separate processes, and quits.

Restart it a few times, along with Steam- it can happen randomly, keep trying.

It’s happened like 20 times in a row now. I even tried launching it directly without steam.

Also I restarted my computer, that didn’t help either.

Open the game files & start it via the command prompt, tell me what it shows

Oh yeah side note, it’s not on the C: drive. Could that be an issue?

After a few restarts with nothing abnormal in the console, I got 2 errors about the GPU state being invalid.