cowz1775 introduction

hello im cowz1775 i like cows i like chess, math, and sports and im 12 and im a male he/him


Welcome to AMC!


Hi there! Just wanna let you know, Unless you have permission from a parent or guardian, you have to be 13+ to join the forum :slight_smile:


hello there

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i got permission from 9pfs, a member of the staff team :smiley:

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I didn’t give you permission to do anything. I just invited you here. I was not aware of you being under the minimum age for this forum. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have suggested for you to create an account on this forum. Unfortunately, this forum is hosted in the U.S., and that means that we are required to be in compliance with U.S. law. In accordance with COPPA, we cannot knowingly collect personal information from individuals under 13 years of age unless their parent consents to us doing so. Therefore, unless we are authorized by your parent or guardian to collect personal information from you, we can not allow you to continue using this forum until your 13th birthday. If we obtain authorization, you may continue using this forum.


ok … but if u round my age it would be 13 im over 12 and a half

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That’s not enough. We might not agree with laws, but we have to comply with them. If we obtain consent from your parent or guardian, as far as I can tell, we should then be able to allow you to use this site.


ok then

why is there a minimum of 10 characters btw

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The reason why there is a minimum of 10 characters is probably to discourage people from just saying “Cool” because that does not give any information.
Instead of saying “Cool” you could give a reaction to the post you liked with :+1:
About the main subject here, yes you would probably need to ask your parent or guardian to let you use this website.


We sometimes allow sending excessively short posts, but it depends on the situation.