Computer Time Completely Wrong

I am not in Pacific time :sob:

Click on anything potentially useful.

Try to change timezone.
Sync now.


So the thing I need to change is greyed out (that top bar) All I can do is change country, language, or sync it. FYI all syncing is for daylight savings time, not changing it to my actual TZ

Find the setting to set time automatically and turn that off.

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Where would that be?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Google it.

Scam. I know my administrative password but i dont know where to allow this


I literally logged in as administrator nd it didnt let me lmao

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Got it from:!

Hi Ethan,
You may try -
Open windows terminal (cmd for windows 10) as admin.
Enter tzutil /l to list time zone choices.
Copy the one you want to the clipboard and paste it in quotes after tzutil /s.

e.g.: tzutil /s "Your timezone from the list in cmd"
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The actual advisor dude was useless, it was a random dude with no pfp that had the answer lmao

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Bruh I was literally about to help you with a PowerShell method and ask what your timezone is for the specific command :noooooooooooooooooooo:

Ok but fr you can do it in PowerShell.

  1. First run PowerShell as admin.
  2. Run:
Set-TimeZone -Id "<Your desired timezone here>"

(or Set-TimeZone -Name "<Your desired timezone here>")

hehe my one chance to shine with Windows shell commands when I don’t know a single Linux command lol


That’s a common theme with anything related to closed-source software.


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