Chess Bug With Pawns?

So I was playing chess on (also I literally just started don’t say anything abt my strategy ik it sucks) and I think I either found a bug or a really weird move that I don’t understand.

Why does the pawn capture my pawn? Is this really a move or is it a bug?

It’s a move, however i only think you can do it under specific circumstances. Idrk chess that well.

oh, I guess its call en passant
I had no idea about that :person_shrugging:

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basically some french people like hundreds of years ago were mad that if someone moved a pawn twice then they couldn’t capture
so they invented a new rule called en passant aka en croissant (croissants are austrian not french but that’s what the chess community calls it)

my answer is much better than gigga’s I’m marking my post as sol

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