Beta Testing My New Game

I made a new game Scratchoff Cycles Lottery (You cannot earn actual cycles but is supposed to be a Replit inspired game). You can buy tickets and earn in game cycles to climb the leaderboard.

I need Beta Testers to help spot bugs and give suggestions to the game. If you play right now you will be given Beta Tester status in the game. If you have any bugs, suggestions, questions PM me here on AMC. If your suggestions make it into the game you will be given Helper status, or if you get a solution here on AMC on one of my topics asking for help you can get the Helper status too.

Have fun!


I have reached 12231, If only I could win 122 dollars in real life…

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btw try fixing the flashing title
use the flash escape code?

I cant run it :frowning:

@python660 what do you mean? It’s intentional.

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Um. I think you might have forgotten to edit the post, lol.


@JayAySeaOhBee14 why can’t you run it, can you provide any specifics?

SMH what about Ask I helped you there

@Qwerty I got to give you the status :skull: sorry I forgot.