Authentic Face Reveals

People’s Faces:

@coding397 / @coding398:


Add your own!

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@CoderElijah face reveal:

@not-ethan face reveal:

Notice the size of his bicep and how he is holding a galaxy in his hand.
Ethan in his lesser form:

Still holding the earth in his hand.

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alr face revealed but it’s private and hidden within 1. time and 2. a private channel

Where and what roles do you need to see it?

9pfs’ bedroom and i posted it a long time back so you’'ll have to scroll ig

no I can’t access it :sad: I do not have access to that chat.

get better, skill issue :lmao:

I am so funny :smiley:

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I’ve done three half-hour broadcasts on twitch, why am I not on this list

Wait a minute, who the HECK set this as my status???

lmao :thinking_yang:

…I probably shouldn’t tell you what I thought immediately after seeing that lol

I’m lazy LOL. I’ll do it tommorow



Can an @admin make the first post a wiki? I forgot how to lol

If you’re TL3 or more you can make this a wiki

oh it’s okay omega I’ll do it for you

I’m too lazggy to scroll up :sad:

Hehe bro try to find my face. It’s out there somewhere.

AI Version of me when I grow older:

the image i inputted was a selfie of me

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