Announcing new Whitelist/Blacklist Policy

Here at AMC forums, we have noticed a drastic increase in negativity and hate speech in recent weeks. We have blacklisted thousands of words but users are continually finding new ways to bypass our blacklists and use foul language anyway. We have attempted to ban users with repeated offenses but they sneakily create alts using VPNs that we cannot detect and swear again.

In order to combat this growing issue, we are proud to announce that we will be transitioning from a word blacklist to a word whitelist. This means that you will only be able to post words which we have manually added to our database. We already have hundreds of words in our database and are adding more each day.

We understand that change can be difficult, even scary, but we firmly believe that this change will help our community to grow and thrive. We believe it is a necessary step towards peace and unity. We thank you for your support. This change will take effect 2023-10-19T04:00:00Z.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message us.


my gosh! psst was i excluded from this umbrella?


so only monomorphemic words are allowed?

OMG HOWWWWWWWWWWWW IS THIS ALLOWED I might actually leave if the whitelist proves to be as bad as the word blacklist.


Those will have to be manually added to the whitelist.

Also will need to be whitelisted. You won’t even be able to @mention someone unless it’s whitelisted.

Unless the word in the other language is whitelisted, no. Some words, such as “no”, exist in multiple languages.

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WHAAAAAAAATTTTTT??? im leaving 4sure

Please don’t be like Replit…

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I thought the goal was to emulate Replit in every respect…

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Yes its in our CS:

  • We want to maintain a positive relationship with Replit and Replit Ask due to the fact that many of our community members came from these platforms. While we are not required to comply, AMC staff will listen and consider any input from the staff or moderation of Replit concerning this platform.



dis forum so bording i rther play minccraft al day :sussybaka:



ok sheesh my bad 0_0

Impressive resolution… How??

You see, @Victor.AMC has a special program which converts everything on his computer screen to scaleable vector images, thus enabling him to zoom infinitely without any pixelation.

I’m guessing linux exclusive software?

Dude it’s not possible on any OS. :kekw:

I have a method to get Full 12K screenshots on a macbook/linux/windows device

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I have methods to get infinite res screenshots: USE SVG LOL
(i probably have to update “res” to resolution pending this change)

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psst psst psst

yeouch, idk if that’s gonna work out. to be honest you could look at something like Perspective (i have an api key for it if u need it) which would be a much better choice than a whitelist. because with a whitelist it will severely limit speech in this forum, making it increasingly difficult to communicate with one another, “hundreds of words” will not cut it for proper communication.

This is not going to work out. It’s going to be too much of a pain in the ass for anyone to get anything whitelisted, it will only drive users away from AMC.

for example, project showcases or even CODE! They will ALL have to manually be added to the whitelist, basically killing that part of speech. It’s not worth it. For the love of god please use something else like Perspective API.

The type of chats that are inactive are the ones that are whitelisted. Take Club Penguin for example, the ultimate safe chat server are the least active, even on a good day.

What you are doing is taking AMC, shooting it in the foot, and shoving it in the ground.

This isn’t the way to go.