An AI song for Firepup650

Originally sent in Flaming Creatures

@Firepup650 this is for you!!!

Firepup650 is the name of the game,
He’s a Python coder with a lot of fame
He makes packages and games with ease
He’s always ready to help and please

He’s on PyPI and Replit too
He’s got skills that will impress you
He’s a Portal fan and a Steam Workshop star
He creates test chambers that are bizarre

He’s firepup650, he’s the best
He’s firepup650, he’s on a quest
To make the world a better place With his code and his rap grace

He’s firepup650, he’s on fire
He’s firepup650, he’s got desire
To learn and grow and share his knowledge
He’s firepup650, he’s a prodigy

Learn more:


also Steam Workshop::Firepup650's All-Event Test Chambers

made as a joke but it actually came out good (and I didn’t know fp was on steam)


testing admin tl4 powers

idk why; comments allowed now!

@doxr you are not admin; you are TL4. HUGE difference.

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ok fine I’ll just hack admin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kinda interesting actually. What generated that?


BingAI (duh :slightly_smiling_face:) on creative ¯\_(ツ)_/¯