AMC's certificate expired

AMC’s certificate expired. I am currently possibly the only one that can access AMC. I created a VM and manually set the date to before the certificate expired (this VM thinks it’s November 14th). IDK how safe it is but it’s an effective bypass. If anyone else get in you can read this post.


Sorry guys, certbot on the front nginx may have not renewed it. That’s totally my fault and I’ll remind myself to check it again.


I should delete (or at least demote) @9pfs-firepi now. I think demoting is the best option, because it actually would be nice to have an alt that I can access on @Firepup650 's pi in the future.


Wait so if we can access it that means it’s ok already?

Unless you did a hacky thing like me then yes if you can access AMC it means the problem is solved.

lol wait that’s actually kinda funny lol

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did you know that I’ve bypassed cloudflare to get to this site?

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I just used a VM that had the date set to November 14th lol. I didn’t play with Cloudflare.

Issue is now resolved.

This is a test post that will not change the topic bump date.

cool :eyes: I wonder if my post will ruin that

Maybe mine will!