AMC Community Standards

This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion

Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would a public park. We, too, are a shared community resource — a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation.

These are not hard and fast rules. They are guidelines to aid the human judgment of our community and keep this a kind, friendly place for civilized public discourse.

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

We know that some users have had negative experiences on some other platforms meaning you may or may not want to post about disagreeing with them. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Whether you’re engaging in discussions related to companies or any other topic, it’s important to maintain a constructive approach. Please avoid (in all posts):

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide thoughtful insights that improve the conversation.

If You See a Problem, Flag It

Moderators oversee the forum but rely on your assistance. Help them be community facilitators, not just janitors or police.

When you encounter bad behavior, don’t reply. Instead, flag it. Accumulated flags trigger action, either automatically or by moderators.

Moderators can remove content and user accounts as needed. They don’t preview new posts and don’t assume responsibility for community content.

Please, avoid excessive flagging, like flagging based on personal dislike or for consecutive messages in the same channel. It saves time for all parties involved.

Always Be Civil

Nothing sabotages a healthy conversation like rudeness:

  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.
  • Keep it clean. Don’t post anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • Respect each other. Don’t harass or grief anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.
  • Respect our forum. Don’t post spam or otherwise vandalize the forum.

These are not concrete terms with precise definitions — avoid even the appearance of any of these things. If you’re unsure, ask yourself how you would feel if your post was featured on the front page of a major news site.

Keep It Tidy

Make the effort to put things in the right place, so that we can spend more time discussing and less cleaning up. So:

  • Don’t start a topic in the wrong category; please read the category definitions.
  • Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.

Powered by You

This site is operated by your friendly local staff and you, the community. If you have any further questions about how things should work here, open a new topic in the site feedback category and let’s discuss! If there’s a critical or urgent issue that can’t be handled by a meta topic or flag, contact us via the staff page.

Terms of Service

Yes, legalese is boring, but we must protect ourselves – and by extension, you and your data – against unfriendly folks. We have a Terms of Service describing your (and our) behavior and rights related to content, privacy, and laws. To use this service, you must agree to abide by our TOS.


Trust Levels

Trust Level can be abbreviated as TL.

  • Users joining this platform will use the Discourse Trust Level system, with the settings the AMC Staff have set.

  • Users may request for their Trust Level to be adjusted to match their trust level on Replit Ask or the SwordBattle forum as far as TL3, which the staff will do unless they deem it unwise, unsafe, or otherwise problematic. Please to not beg or ask for a trust level (esp if it doesnt match what you have on the aforementioned sites) AMC does not guarantee the promotion of anyone to TL4 based on Ask.

  • Users will be expected to use the powers granted them by their trust level wisely, and to not abuse them in public topics. The staff reserves the right to demote anyone at any time for disciplinary reasons.

  • The AMC staff members may divulge any information concerning the requirements for trust level 3 (or any other trust level) as desired, but are under no obligation to do so.

  • AMC is not accepting more staff (admins and/or moderators) at this time, so please do not ask.


  • The use of profanity (including, but not limited to, swearing, foul language, offensive language) in posting is not allowed unless bleeped out ie. sh*t. Please flag any posts that you are uncomfortable with.

  • Spam posting or spamming users is not allowed.

  • Posts or links containing, stealing, or leading to any confidential information (including, but not limited to, IP addresses, locations, users’ real names (if left unspecified by the users), and API secrets for other platforms) made without the express consent of the information’s owner (the company, organization, person, or entity with the rights to said information) will be taken down, and users making such posts will be punished at the staff’s discretion.


  • We want to maintain a positive relationship with Replit and Replit Ask due to the fact that many of our community members came from these platforms. While we are not required to comply, AMC staff will listen and consider any input from the staff or moderation of Replit concerning this platform.

Last But Not Least…

AMC is meant to be a forum for the community. The AMC staff will uphold and enforce these rules to the best of their abilities, but will be lenient at their discretion. We do not want a strict, cold forum, but rather a thriving community.


Please discuss on separate topics, not here.