alt account challenge

Can you go one whole day stuck on an alternative account on the service you use the most frequently?


I use ggl the most everyday and my teachers qwuill get mad I’l joining their classroom as “not-doxr” lol but another one is ms and I prob could

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I use discord the most frequently, and I am doing a micro version of this challenge for one hour, If I join most servers, they will detect me as an alt and kick me. Luckily, some servers allow alts.


:eyes: sussy I use porkbun (cc david)

ayo dirty minded


Um, sure? On AMC I can just promote my alt to admin if I want. Even if I’m truly forbidden to use my current account I have access to the server so (if I learned how) I could promote myself from the server and thus not use any but my alt account. On Replit/Ask my main has serious perks which I cannot obtain on an alt. For Google I barely use the account so I could totally live for a singe day w/o my main.

Ok, why should this be hard?

I can’t :frowning: my school has a system that only accepts school accounts, and I can’t get a new one.

wdym you hopefully don’t use a school acct for amc?!?

shut up goofy ahh ai

no, but we NEED Chromebooks:( so the school can monitor us and it only works on a school account, so I can’t sign into my personal account.

you can tho

Not failing my classes