Admin and Moderator Promotions

After 2 voting sessions (1 unanimous and 1 4:2), AMC is not accepting any more staff (admins and/or moderators), so please do not ask. This decision is aimed at ensuring efficient communication and coordination within the existing team and maintaining a manageable size for administrative purposes.

More specifically, we have a hard cap of 7 admins and a soft cap of 5 moderators. These limits have been set after careful consideration of the workload, responsibilities, and the need for effective decision-making within our AMC management team.

Unlike admins, inactive moderators may be replaced as needed (inactive meaning months without activity), ensuring a responsive and active moderation team. The active moderators get to choose who replaces the inactive people, but the admins still have final say (we have to anyways because moderators don’t have the perms). We understand life circumstances can change, and we have a process to address this gracefully. This allows for new opportunities for members in our community. We will always keep our community members informed when such changes occur, maintaining transparency and accountability.

Last but not least, we would like to clarify that @cow isn’t an actual admin, and @JohnFromBK is an anonymous admin moderator account.

Definitions of the caps:

  • Hard cap - Unchangeable unless there is a unanimous admin vote to overrule it.
  • Soft cap - Unchangeable unless there is a majority staff vote to overrule it.

cow is an admin what do you mean


dang discourse says “yo boys we foss” and then puts this :sad:


We decided that lol, not Discourse.


what the heck

The staff are having a whole ahh conversation with whispers

thats the annoying part


Edit wars are annoying

postnecroing is so annoying