1st brilliant on new account!


wow, 1v1 soon?

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Sure! I can do it rn

just unrated

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@doxr if I lose to him I lose like 400 elo

but the risk will be fun :eyes:

sacrificing… THE QUEEEEENNNN!!! (to get a fork lol)

casual Gotham Chess reference

dude u can’t lose to me when u actually did the four move checkmate lol

ill do unrated with u tho

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where can i find ranked?


to play ranked (like play unrated except rated lol)


You dont do anything, you just play normally

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And then you will get a rank?

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YEs after 5 games

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Im hardstuck XD

What’s your elo?


its just now i noticed i always called you JaySeeOhBear Instead of JayAySeeOhBee